The Agony of Perseverance

by Slug Shell

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released August 12, 2016

Guitars: Patrick Gunderson, Natalie Ricciardi
Bass: Cameron Scott
Drums: Dave Norman
Vocals: Patrick Gunderson & Natalie Ricciardi

Additional writing/arrangement support: Kyle Semski, Alex Rizzo, Jake Adamczak, Cody Steinman, Ed Dorn

Engineered & Mixed by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recording, Milwaukee, WI

Mastered by Mike Wells at Mike Wells Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Album Artwork by



all rights reserved


Slug Shell Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Four piece heavy metal band from Milwaukee Wisconsin have formed to reignite the flame for heavy metal and bring fourth a new, yet familiar crushing sound.

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Track Name: What The Dark Conceals
What The Dark Conceals
Lyrics: Patrick

How does it feel to be the target?
How does it feel to be in pain?

Darkness swallows you soul whole
Darkness is me, your foe

How does it feel to be betrayed?
How does it feel to be alone?

Leave this realm, this home, your hell
and break this curse bestowed on me
What the dark conceals won't fade
Haunting you 'till your grave

It's only worse as you fall to your fear
and you shall see what the dark conceals
Track Name: The Agony of Perseverance
The Agony of Perseverance
Lyrics: Natalie

My heart quails in the midst of this landscape
Stretching out unending before my eyes
I cannot weep
The shadows of evening befall me

Crying out
An echo over the hill
Alone in a dark land

The spires that loom above me seem to pierce the sky
A barren heaven devoid of starlight

With only the moon to guide my way
The agony of knowing I will not return

"Terrible wonders walk the earth
but none the match for man" (excerpt from Antigone, (Sophocles play)

Solo: Patrick
Track Name: Mid-Evil
Lyrics: Patrick

Bloodshed, power
Evil Kingdom
Knights in armor
Fight for freedom

The people call for their rights
Hierarchy to be brought down
No more suffering

Medieval is taking me
Back in time so I can see

Mortals battle
Swords and shields strike
Deadly legions

Solo: Patrick
Track Name: Razing
Lyrics: Patrick

Rise my creatures of chaos and doom
Conquer this land till gloom
Strive for the lives of higher greed
Decimate the fields in flames and horrid gore

Rise from the grave
Follow my lead and take their names
Leave through ash and bones
Crush their bodies one by one

Rise from the grave
Follow my lead and take their names
Carnage for our hymns
Razing to tear them limb by limb

Listen my undead warriors
Slaughter all who oppose
Eat and destroy this fruitful land
Through hell’s fire and mortal bloodshed

Rise up
This is the kingdom that I call as mine
Track Name: Lighter Fluid
Lifter Fluid
Lyrics: Patrick

Who is right, who is wrong, who’s to judge, this circumstance
Minds on the edge
Left wing, right wing, who cares, deceit
Cares not for me
We stand to fight this plague
Have strength in me and rise up

Burn down the earth, this is their plan
Swarming all land, this is the world genocide

Wasted fuel, burning crude, diluted hue, nothing's true
Killing all life
Fake plants, habitats, smog for air, without a glare
Red white and blue
Force fed instead, control
Eat this toxin, breathing death
Track Name: Possessed
Lyrics: Natalie

I am the demon of lust in your dreams
Whispering carnage in your ears
Blood that drips upon my voice
As I prey upon your fears

I am creating hostility
Spiraling down
Perpetual insanity

Darkness falls
I watch as you crawl
Haunting your mind
In vain you run from me

Ripping at your head
Eternally you bleed
Haunted like one possessed

I revel in the chase
The thrill of the ride
The gnawing hunger of this monster inside
Overtaking your mind and your soul
Bending you to my will
Making you realize
You were born to kill

Solo: Natalie
Solo: Patrick
Track Name: Systematic Destruction
Systematic Destruction
Lyrics: Patrick & Natalie

Ignorance is not bliss, but you won’t see
The true story covered, forced to be
Mass media propaganda all in place
Redirected vision, complete control

Innocent and careless, like nobody knows
Global body bags, dark history grows
Some of us will see it, the tyrants rise
Distractions reign over all foreign cries

Lies told directly to you face
Send them to die, burning at the steak
Implicit you’ve all become
(Victims of) Systematic Destruction

Evil minds, evil times
Twisting their philosophy
Poison eyes telling poisoned lies
Venomous hostility

Darkness behind their eyes
Siphoned alive, Drained of life
Skeletons lie behind their graves
A dark cloud of plutocracy

Chaos, darkness, forces within, Live by their whim
Chaos, darkness, forces within, Die by their sins
Track Name: Sleepless
Lyrics: Patrick

Conquered night by night, laughing at my fright
Corrodes sanity, living becoming a useless entity
Wicked is day, and Wretched is night, Living becomes an endless fight
Slipping into a dimension of pain, Never will I sleep again

Sleepless, the nightmare begins tonight
Hopeless, endless tremors
Solace denied, slumber-less nights, eyes continue to drag
Mental slump, aching my back, Slipping from my conscience

Living in a silent dream, awake, disrupts the stream
Ghosts they call your name, taking your mind to rot away
Soon you will see, the horror I live, cursed by my past
Strung out and left dry, abandoned by all hope, Never will I sleep again